Ice Maker Repair

ice maker repairIce makers are machines designed to produce ice products such as ice cubes, ice nuggets, and ice flakes. Many people like their beverages cold, especially during the hot season. However, it is not always a possibility to access a store or restaurant where you can get cool refreshments. That is where ice machines come in. These appliances are your ultimate go-to appliance for quality ice cubes. With a functional ice maker, you have the freedom to enjoy a cold beverage whenever you want. Also, it saves you on money that you would have otherwise used to purchase a refreshment. Ice machines are also beneficial for summer parties. They offer a convenient way of getting ice cubes in bulk. Business owners also rely on ice makers. Ventures such as night clubs require quality ice machines to provide cool drinks to customers. Therefore, with all its benefits, owning an ice maker is a worthwhile investment.

However, as you continue to use your appliance, it breaks down occasionally. You are likely to notice some defects too such as leakage problems. That is why it is essential to investigate the working of your appliance. Once you realize any malfunction, address the issue without delay.

Common Ice Maker Malfunctions to Look Out For

When hunting for an ice maker, one of the factors that determine the machine you buy is the brand. Currently, numerous brands offer ice machines. However, irrespective of the model, all ice appliances become faulty with time. Some notable ice maker defects include:

  • The ice maker fails to switch on
  • The machine produces little or no ice
  • The ice products produced smell bad
  • The ice machine produces misshaped ice cubes
  • The machine has a foul smell
  • The appliance runs noisily
  • The machine freezes
  • There is water leakage from the ice machine
  • Faulty thermostat controls

Once you note any of these defects, we always advocate that you act as soon as possible. Most ice maker defects tend to magnify when left unattended. Therefore, to increase the chances of restoration, contact an appliance repair provider without any delay. San Carlos Appliance Repair is one of the dominant appliance repair providers in the region. With our skills, rest assured that we will provide long term solutions for any ice maker defect.

Tips on What to Do When Your Ice Maker Malfunctions

When your ice machine breaks down, you could always replace it with a new one. However, since a new appliance costs hundreds of dollars, this might not be the most favorable option. Hence, most people often opt to settle for repair. Replacement is the ideal choice if your machine malfunctions beyond repair. If it still has some useful life, restoration is the way to go.

Why Choose Us?

San Carlos Appliance Repair is one of the most preferred appliance repair companies. Over our years of existence, we have committed to providing quality repair services to residents and business owners in the region. Our staff constitutes expert EPA certified technicians. We understand the value of your ice machine. Therefore, we hire only the best appliance repair technicians in the industry. Once you reach out to us, one of our warm customer care attendants serves you by noting down your issue. We then send a qualified team of our technicians to assist you. The first activity usually is to assess your ice machine. Once we establish precise defects, we offer the best solution. Also, we always present you with an all-inclusive estimate of the repair costs. This is to avoid any unpleasant surprises after repair. However, since our rates are affordable, there is no need for dismissal. Our services are same-day.

We Repair All Brands

For a handful of years now, our appliance repair experts have restored a variety of ice machines by different brands. Thus, the experience gives us a competitive advantage as we can repair any ice maker defect irrespective of the brand. Some familiar ice machine brands that we restore include:

  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • Westinghouse
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Samsung
  • Marvel
  • Viking
  • LG
  • Sub-Zero
  • Asko
  • DCS
  • Wolf
  • True
  • Maytag
  • Scotsman
  • Siemens
  • Amana
  • Among others

We also offer regular maintenance services for all types of kitchen appliances. We find that most defects can be kept at bay with at least one service visit every year.

Our services are accessible round-the-clock, so you can always be sure that in case of any emergency breakdowns, we’ve got your back.

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